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Keren Or Adler

Social & Product Designer

As a designer, I look for unique ways to create meaning and change for my users. Personal experiences and acquaintances from my life allow me to design solutions through a deep understanding of the user and get into the small details of the design.
It is important for me to connect the most advanced technology with the emotional and personal side of the product, in the belief that only by connecting them can the ultimate solution for my environment be achieved.

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My Projects

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Final project | 2021

Comun is a system that includes a virtual guide and a wearable accessory that enables the accompaniment, study, and practice of media in order to improve the quality of the social connections of high-functioning graduates on the autistic continuum.

This product was developed after a six months of research, working with professional experts in the field of autism research and treatment as well as direct work with high-functioning adults on the spectrum. guided by designer yoran pony.

Sometimes I feel like everyone was handed out a book on how to behave, and only I did not get one.

Young adult on thew autistic spectrum | TV show sorry for the question, Kan 11

I have been intimately acquainted with the difficulties of those with communication disabilities, and within them are diagnosed on the autistic continuum. This is because my brother belongs to this group. Like my big brother, there are many who seek just like any of us to belong, get to know, love and be loved.  Studies show that learning communication tools through training in simulations and personal experience makes it possible to improve the quality of communication of autistics in order to create deep and quality interpersonal relationships.  

Comun is a system that enables with the help of a virtual guide based on artificial intelligence, online learning while practicing and experiencing in the field in social interactions.   Working with the system allows the user to learn communication tools in a comfortable and homely environment, using computer software.   

As part of the process, it encourages the user to move from the virtual space to the experience in the reality, where it will provide the user with comprehensive guidance before, during and after the experience in social interactions, with the help of the wearable accessory.  The virtual mentor serves as a guide and advisor who accompanies the user through all parts of the process. From learning the tools through practical experience to drawing conclusions and setting goals along the way.   

The process of acquiring the tools is a process that requires cooperation between the user and the mentor and takes place in parallel with the running of the user's independent life.  The design principles of the project rely mainly on the target audience and research on the accessibility of visual tools for the autistic population.                                                                                               


Medical Device | 2019

MedRec is part of an artificial intelligence system,  that records emergencie, translates the data from the field into text and graphics which are passed on for further hospital treatment staff

This project was developed as part of a product development course accompanied by industrial designer Yoram Pony. in a three month period from the research phase, interviews with professionals and medical staff to the product development phase, the design, construction, and initial model as well as three-dimensional design

Transfering the correct information, to the right person on the right time is the difference between life or death

Social Design | 2020

Covid-19 raised many problems in our surroundings. one of them is the loneliness of the elderly

CoMeet is designed as part of an initiative to improve the life of the company for new immigrants from the third age group, CoMeet is a social network that helps create and maintain community social connections from the pre-immigration stage.

guided by industrial design Dov Dotan, I created CoMeet after 3 months of researching and worked with the target audience, formed rules for designing UX\UI for seniors, designed the platform. 

Sometimes I feel left out, I would like to know what is happening and available to us

Maria, 62 year old she made aliya 3 years ago

Part of what CoMeet does is to create a unified, organized and accessible place for each immigrant in any language that includes the best needs of the new immigrant.

A digital platform is an effective tool for transmitting information in different languages, it allows easy and global access and yet allow for specific tailoring to the needs of the target audience.

The platform is also used to unite various organizations and information in a uniformly organized place, thus creating order for the newcomer.

today, in charge of the connection with the new immigrant are the Jewish Agency, after the registration of the immigrant, the Ministry of Absorption and Welfare also entered the picture in order to accompany the immigrant during acclimatization in Israel and the new community

CoMeet helps the various organizations maintain contact with the immigrant and convey important content to him so that he can connect with the best and most suitable community for him.

CoMeet also assists the elderly in maintaining contact with the aliyah attendant, neighborhood representatives and community representatives.


Textile Design | 2019

Changing the way we see textile sewing today. Using 3D printing connectors as part of the structure and design of any textile design creates a new point of view to the world of textile making.

After three months or technology research guided by industrial designer Dov Dotan, I designed, 3d modeled and printed a new form of bag.